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Some inventors like to show their prototypes or drawings in person.

As of September 30th, 2022, I have terminated my patent searching business.

I will continue to operate the Pittsburgh Inventors Club. (PghInventors.org and email: PghInventor@gmail.com)


Why Choose Me To Do Your Patent Search?

# 1. Independent –  Almost every patent agent or patent attorney will do a search for you, but for them, it is just getting a foot in the door to hook you for the big ticket items, like writing and filing patent applications. With me, patent searches is all I do, so I aim to do that well, and if you elect to stop there, that is fine with me. I do not include a patentability  opinion with my search results  –  most inventors can discern how similar the prior art is. Why pay for something up front that you may not need. But if you still want an opinion regarding patenting or infringement, I can suggest some service providers

#2  I can give you some tips on how to go about selecting a patent practitioner, and perhaps offer some guidance based on the nature of your invention. Some may be better at medical devices, other at electrical, and other at general consumer products.

# 3. I have experience as an apprentice in training with a couple of patent agents on working with Patent Office rejection notices. So, I have a good idea of what and how prior art is used by the US Patent Office. I chose the name “Invention Searching” because I go beyond searching just patents and also look at some of what is available commercially also.

  # 4 My pricing is competitive; just check around with some others  in the business.  And since this is my only business, I do not offer it as a loss leader.  Plus,  I pledge to keep your invention confidential (see the dsiclosure form above – pg 3)

Patent Searches and Protecting Your Idea

BY GENE QUINN:    Excerpt from Inventors Digest magazine  — January 2021 (bold added by me)

Inventors and entrepreneurs who are looking to cut costs frequently conduct their own patent search. This is a wise first move, because patent searches are critically important.

But inventors must be careful. It is common for them to do a patent search and find nothing, even when there are things that could and would be found by a professional searcher.

So although it makes sense to do your own search first, be careful relying on your own search to justify spending the thousands of dollars you will need to spend to ultimately obtain a patent. Do not forgo a professional patent search. There is no comparison between a patent search done by an inventor and a patent search done by a professional searcher.

That said, every inventor should spend time searching and looking for two reasons:

  • Spending time patent searching familiarizes you with prior art.
  • Patent searches inform you on the prior art so you can focus on what makes your invention unique.

Of course, if you find something that is too close on your own, you save time and money and can move on.

April 8, 2016

Via the UIA Website

When considering whether you have a product idea worthy of patenting, you’re likely to think about what others have done — has another person come up with the same idea already? Am I just re-inventing the wheel?  An idea can be patented only if it is new, non-obvious and useful.


Patent searches are an important step in developing claims. In order to best determine whether your idea can be patented, and if other similar patents are already registered, you should hire a patent attorney to conduct a thorough search.  Although an inventor can search online and find some useful information, only an in-depth patent search can provide all of the necessary information need to develop claims for your non-provisional patent (utility or design) application.


 My product already seems patented, should I give up? Should a search indicate that a patent seemingly identical to yours is already registered, it does not necessarily mean you must abandon ship.  A skilled patent attorney or agent may be able to offer a design around idea for your product so that it does not infringe on an existing patent.    


 I’m not quite ready to file a patent, can I still protect my idea? Yes, your best bet may just be to go ahead and file a Provisional Patent Application (PPA).  Provisional filings establish a priority date for your invention. They have lower filing fees and fewer details/formal requirements are needed to apply. The cost of professional legal help for preparing a PPA is significantly less as well. Once filed, you have 1 year to perfect your invention, determine if there is a market for it and refine claims for your non-provisional application.  The other benefit of a provisional patent is to enable you to mark your invention with the label “patent pending” which makes it more marketable and appealing to potential partners or licensees. 

 Important Tip! Do not share your idea or designs with a third party prior to filing a provisional application or at least getting a signed nondisclosure agreement from the party.  Sharing without these protections could impact your ability to patent your product at all.

By the way: By coincidence, about the same time that I started this service, I also founded the Pittsburgh East Inventors Club, now the Pittsburgh Inventors Club (pghinventors.org). The two are only very loosely connected, and I rarely mention this business to club members.

One thought on “Home

    colleen noonan said:
    September 27, 2016 at 12:16 PM

    Mr. Aiken completed my patent search within 2 days and I was extremely pleased with the search results as well as all of our follow-up conversations. He was easy to communicate with, accessible and professional. He sent me all prior art patent as attachments and I was able to print each one. After our initial follow up conversation, he did a search update for no extra charge. He explained which ones were expired, about to expire, which ones had very limited claims patents, abandoned applications and which ones I needed to focus most on and why.
    He corresponded with me through emails and phone calls for a week after he completed his search as I had many questions. Mr. Aiken was MOST concerned that he did a thorough and complete search to my satisfaction and that I had all of my questions answered and I had a gained better understanding of how to read/interpret patents. I would use Mr. Aiken again in a heart beat!
    Colleen Noonan

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