I am a retired chemical engineer with considerable experience in doing patent searching, and assisting patent agents in prosecuting patent applications.  (Formerly known as Patent Searching Services, Inc., now owned by Invention Searching, LLC. ) This is our only business, we are NOT an invention marketing firm, and we will not try to sell you other services. We merely want to provide an independent,  reasonably accurate view of prior art related to your invention at probably the best price you will find.

We can provide you a smooth transition to the next stage if you wish (through AP-Patents.com, for example) , or you can go to any firm you want.  We recommend getting at least two quotes before contracting for a Utility Patent Application.

To get started:      Obtain the Invention Disclosure & Confidentiality form via this website (Home), email, phone, or fax numbers herein. Once completed form and payment are received, it will typically take about one week or less for results to be emailed out  –  longer via us mail. Payment may be made via personal check or money order payable to Invention Searching, LLC, or via PayPal invoice (credit card) through email exchange.

Disclaimer: The information provided by this service is not legal advice, but general information on a segment of the prior art pertaining to pursuit of patent protection for a particular concept or invention. Invention Searching, LLC is not a law firm and is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. Invention Searching, LLC cannot provide legal advice and may only provide contact information for additional patent services.  Invention Searching, LLC is not an invention promotion firm.


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